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  • Cable: Category 7
    TypeSafety versionIdentificationCompliance StatementLatest Certificate3P SurveillanceCPR
    SF/UTPLSHFP/N SSO37L0473-3P-120170301/12/2020
    SF/UTPPVCP/N SSO370473-3P-121064715/06/2021
    Link & Channel Type: Four Connector Channel
    Category and ScreeningIdentificationCompliance StatementLatest Certificate3P Surveillance

    Class E / Category 6
    Screen Continuity
    Horizontal cable P/N SRO46 Conn.Hardw.: Keystone Jacks P/N KJ18 and P/N KJ18F, Assembly box P/N EC8315, Wall outlet P/N EC8305DA, Patch panel P/N ECPS
    Patch cord P/N SRT46

    Class E / Category 6
    Horizontal cable P/N URO46 Conn. Hardw.: Wall outlet P/N EC8224 and EC8225, Assembly box P/N EC8315, Patch panels P/N ECR and P/N ECN
    Patch cords P/N URT46
    Connecting Hardware: Category 6 having Full Production Line Qualification
    TypeScreeningIdentificationCompliance StatementLatest Certificate3P SurveillanceCPR
    Keystone JackUnscreenedP/N KJ18F-US0473-3P-120146509/11/2020
    Keystone JackUnscreenedP/N KJ18-US0473-3P-120146809/11/2020
    Keystone JackScreenedP/N KJ18F-FS0473-3P-120147309/11/2020
    Keystone JackScreenedP/N KJ18-FS0473-3P-120147609/11/2020