Vivanco GmbH

Ewige Weide 15
Ahrensburg, 22926
Phone: +49 (4102) 2310
  • Link & Channel Type: Four Connector Channel
    Category and ScreeningIdentificationCompliance StatementLatest Certificate3P Surveillance

    Class E / Category 6
    Horizontal Cable, P/N VCCAUU64xxy3,
    Flexible cable, P/N VCCUU6Rxxy5,
    Conn. Hardware: Patch Panel, P/N VCCAUF6241x,
    Modular Jack, P/N VCCJUNF6x,
    Consolidation Cords: Modular Jack, P/N VCCAUF6241x and VCCJUNF6x,
    Patch and equipment Cords: 1,0 m, 4,0 m and 5,0 m, P/N VCCUU6Rxxy1, VCCUU6Rxxy4
    and VCCUU6Rxxy5