How to obtain 3P CPR verification

In order to understand what 3P can offer of CPR verification, it is important to understand the structure of the different fire classes obtainable.

Certification Process Attestation of Conformity system Level in fire classes
Certification with Inspection by Notified Body of FPC (Factory Production Control) and regular maintenance NA Aca*
System 1+ B1ca**
Certification on received products only (without inspection and without regular maintenance) System 3 Dca
No Performance determined (NPD) Fca

* Level Aca is not applicable for cables

** By aiming for a B1ca class certification, it is not possible to down grade to B2, Cca or Dca in case of a non-compliance.

Please select the system and the level in fire class to be obtained for your product:

  • CPR Certification Application form

    • Eca and Dca Certification Process In brief

      1. Fill out the following document (PDF: CPR application form, WORD: CPR application form):
      2. Contact 3P on below form (or by email
      3. Send production samples to 3P
      4. Testing and evaluation performed by 3P
      5. Documentation by 3P
      6. You will receive the Dca or Eca classification report and test report.
      7. The Manufacturer will be listed on the home page.

      Samples and documentation to be supplied:

      Eca Certification Process:
      1. 3 Samples, each of 0.7m, must be forwarded to 3P.
      2. The 3 samples must be cut from one continuous sample of 2,1m.
      3. An undamaged cable printing legend must (if possible) be found on the samples.

      Dca Certification Process:
      1. The cable samples of “x” meter must be forwarded to 3P. Sample length calculations can be found in EN 50399. However, actual length must always be confirmed by 3P. Please supply us with measured diameter of cable to get tested, and get an actual minimum test length confirmed.
      2. Test lengths longer than actually required, may be convenient, as dispatch of the sample in normal boxes or on cable reels is easier and more resistant to transport damage. Any excess of cable and cable reels will be sent for recycling after completion of test.

      Additional Classifications, smoke and acidity:

      Cable samples for smoke and acidity will be taken from the Dca certification samples

      CPR Certification Application form

      • A cable that has a Fca declaration, is a cable that cannot obtain a Eca declaration, and where no performance of the fire classification has been determined.